Your name and image distinguishes you from your competitors. CHARTREUSE creates, manages, modernizes and updates your brand.

Visual Analysis – Everything about your company must speak the same language. From print to premises, signage to website, logo to location, a visual assessment will be conducted to ensure consistency throughout the board and identify any area of potential improvements.

Brand Conception – A professionally designed logo can look deceptively simple. But because there are subliminal messages to everything we see, it is crucial that your logo and materials reflect your optimal brand identity. Brand standards and guidelines ensure consistency. CHARTREUSE delivers world-class branding to suit every budget.

Internal Communications - These are aspects of branding that speak primarily to employees. From manuals and training materials to email signatures and memos, we produce complete IC templates and printed collateral.

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design & copy writing

Design - Why trust the look and image of your collateral marketing materials to amateur designers? CHARTREUSE strongly believes that this directly impacts your bottom line and the impression you give to clients and prospects. We will strategically create a design that is just right for the intended purpose. Design that is clean, geared to attract your target client, stylish and cutting-edge current.

Editing & Copy Writing – Whether for your advertising needs, website, internal documents and manuals, for signage and sales materials, press releases or social media, the CHARTREUSE team excels in producing clear, compelling copy that best conveys your message, company and brand. Our seasoned judgment, flair and good taste combine to produce well-written creative content in both English and French. (Nous sommes bilingues!)

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marketing place analysis

4C –Is a system of analysis we use to determine your market and internal company Capacities, Challenges, Chances and Concerns from a branding point of view. Setting the groundwork for a strategic marketing plan, CHARTREUSE researches and develops a 4C analysis for each of our integrated marketing clients. It is an important first step to understanding your strengths and obstacles.

Product Identity – How does your product compare to others in your market? Are there creative ways to increase its positive profile? CHARTREUSE believes in a strategic approach to this - through competitive intelligence, brand management and in-depth consumer research.

Demographic Targeting - Who is your ideal client? If you know this, CHARTREUSE will put together an integrated marketing solution specifically geared to this demographic, based on profiling research, current demographic trending and our experience. If you do NOT know this, CHARTREUSE will do a complete analysis of your marketplace so your ideal client type can be identified and targeted.

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pr & artiste management

Press, fans, buzz, hype, negotiations, bookings, image, publicity, and branding ¬ these are just some of the ways we can help further the career of talented artists and musicians. From 360 solutions to specific strategies implemented on a one-time project basis, CHARTREUSE has the broad resources to get consistent results. Our clients have obtained coverage in publications as prestigious as the Wall Street Journal and through us, can get world-wide recognition and airplay.

Contact us now to set up an exploratory meeting at our studio to see how we can bring you to the next level, based on your needs and our magic.

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website development

Many companies are in need of an up-to-date website. Some have no website at all. CHARTREUSE can assist companies in making sure their existing website is current and up to date, properly reflects their brand and has no errors or omissions. We can also create new websites, designed and built using the most current coding and multiplatform solutions including HTML5. We can integrate user-friendly CMS, e-commerce and database tools. For any size project, we will find the right look, the right format, the right options and navigations - at the right price!

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A broad word for “getting the word out” or generating public attention.

Advertising is a paid form of non-personal promotion or presentation of a concept, product, service, organization, person or place. From print and publications to digital, broadcast, electronic and physical, there are many mediums for getting your message to the masses. Let CHARTREUSE help you get the most return for the least investment through our integrated marketing approach to advertising strategies.

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social & digital marketing

Marketing of the future is digital.

Digital Marketing – Because it is cost effective, far-reaching and allows for much more content and design possibilities, CHARTREUSE believes you need to take advantage of every digital opportunity possible. This includes the many different signage types, social media, QR coding and online adverts. We tell you what works, why, and what is best for your company and brand.

Social Media Marketing – This is about communicating with your target demographic online and in a consistent, timely fashion. Vehicles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+, etc. all must be carefully customized, set up and managed for your company to give the best branded image to both your loyal clientbase (retention) and your prospects (encapture). With several social media gurus on our staff, CHARTREUSE is uniquely positioned to give you exactly what you need.

AV Production – From corporate videos to online sales demos, using sight and sound, we can find new and creative ways to best portray your brand image in the mind and heart of your target audience.

Blogs – A very effective outreach tool, this is an option that is either a stand-alone or may be integrated or connected to a main website. It is by nature a more casual, and current communication device which serves to post content, comments and hyperlinks meant to inform the reader and entice them back on a regular basis. There are also undeniably huge SEO benefits to blogging. We builds blogs which are visually appealing and then maintains, updates or creates content as necessary for your purposes.

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performance marketing

This is a WOW factor marketing initiative involving performers or promoters

Demonstrations - Are one type of Performance Marketing. CHARTREUSE plans, manages and maintains product and service demos through live promotion, digital and online presentations. An effective marketing tool, it allows an experiential perception of your company brand.

Flash Mobs - As a performance marketing outreach, flash mobbing can be subtle or brash, local or multi-local. Certainly an attention-getter, it speaks to a community in a big way. CHARTREUSE strategizes, plans, and arranges Flash Mobs, then makes sure the media gets in on the story for maximum return on investment. Press releases and YouTube follow ups are recommended.

Pop-Up Events - CHARTREUSE creatives can carefully craft and orchestrate an event that properly reflects your brand as well as brings in an audience.

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Media Relations & Publicity - Press releases, interviews, radio or television presence; all these comprise Media Relations. Strategies involve risk and brand-damage management. CHARTREUSE advises on this type of marketing interplay and can write copy, scripts and pre-event handout material to ensure a trouble – free experience. Publicity comprimes the various ways that your company is brought into a relationship with the public. We manage a concerted effort to ensure good branding across all channels.

Public Relations Support - As a facet of brand image maintenance, PR Support includes press releases, attendance at functions for product/service exposure as well as an online brand management tool. Our team of experts can personally assist you in all phases of public relations.

Customer Relationship Management – Is a term which describes all the interactions between you and your clients. CHARTREUSE will assist you in providing the very best experience possible to retain customer loyalty and attract new business

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